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Some might say this site reeks of Adams, Adams, and more Adams. Sorry, but I like him.

Welcome to The Pennsylvania State House (Independence Hall), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is located on Chestnut Street, in case you are lost. Philadelphia is the largest city in the Colonies and it is understandable you might become disoriented.


It is the summer of 1776 and there is tension in the air. The until recently unheard of word “independence” has invaded the lives of the people, especially the members of the Continental Congress, and a decision must be made.


Come and witness history:

Why isn't John Adams on the cover?!

1776 was conceived by Sherman Edwards and Peter Stone. Originally a Broadway musical that won a Tony in 1969, the movie was released in 1972. It is to the movie this site is devoted, although I am interested in any aspect of what is known as 1776.


I would like to call your attention to Keith Edwards’ site, “1776: The Musical’s Official Website” at http://www.1776themusical.us/index.htm. It is a treasure trove of pictures, interviews and information about 1776, especially the original stage production, as well as new projects concerning 1776. Please go check it out!

WARNING: I do quote the movie a lot, so some of the plot may be given away by this. Please, be careful!

Also, all the texts are of my own opinion of the movie, the movie characters and the historical characters. While based in historical facts, they are just opinions! I will not pretend to be an expert in this period - I still have a lot to learn - but I will say this: I have read extensively in this period and above all, I have a great love for the times, events and most importantly the people that make up this period of history. I am honest with my praise and censure and I try to present the history as accurately as I can. If you would like to use my page as a basis for research, please ask me first so I can help differentiate between what is thought to be true and what is purely my opinion and conjecture. I am also able to recommend both primary and secondary sources for further information.

John Dickinson of PA and John Adams of MA fighting
Benjamin Franklin can be seen in the background, laughing. Nothing like a good stick fight!

This site will change, I hope, so check back and see what new wonders we can uncover. Huzzah!

2012-03-12: Yes, I am still around, and still interested 1776! Trust me!

November 28, 2009: The announced switch fell through for a variety of reasons so the site will stay as is for the time being. Aside from this, there is a small addition concerning the silent men of Maryland. I hope you enjoy!

July 4, 2009: Happy 233rd anniversary! Although John Adams had identified the 2nd of July as the day, the 4th has served just as well. I hope everyone had the chance to celebrate with “[…] Pomp and Parade, with shews [sic], games, sports, guns, Balls, Bonfires and Illuminations from one End of this Continent to the other […]” as John Adams predicted in a letter to Abigail dated July 3, 1776. Or in any case, I hope everyone had the chance to have a good day!

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I hope you like the new Dickinson page. If you disagree with me about him, let me know via e-mail below. Heck, if you agree with me on Dickinson, e-mail me. Or just e-mail me if you like the movie, or the time period, or the actors, or the... anything. I will talk about it all!

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"...So, either learn to live with them, or pack up and go home! In any case, stop acting like a Boston fish wife." - Benjamin Franklin 1776.

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